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See what other kids think of the Bobs and Tweets...

"I like the book because it was funny and the animals were silly!"

- Angelo

"This book is good because it is a chapter book and it has a pet show!"

- Grayson

"The funny part is when the cat rides the dog with Dean and Lou."

- Kyle

"The author makes me laugh and I loved the book very much."

- Jazmine

"I recommend this book because it is funny and cool!"


"I like it because it rhymes. I am a Tweet. Lou is messy and Dean is clean."

- Sofia

"It made me laugh at the action and the pictures were beautiful and pretty."

- Lilly

"I like when Ramona Diaz flies with her remote control eagle!"

- Diego

"This book is funny because the Tweets give out toothbrushes!"

- Grace

"I like that Ms. Pat has six pets. I learned that pets and their owners can perform shows together!"

- Felix

"I like the part when one of the bobs rode a jet ski into the Bonefish Street pool. I can relate to this story because my brother is a bob."

- Keiayana

"What I like about the Tweets is that they're clean just like my mom."

- Kenyon

"My favorite part was when the Bobs had a food fight. I learned about lifeguards!"

- Michael

"I like how the Bobs and Tweets moved houses. The name Bonefish Street is funny!"

- Andres

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