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Hi There!

Kristy received an MFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts. She is a full-time illustrator and a part-time Tweet. While working at her art studio in Brooklyn, NY, Kristy gets her creativity on like Lou Tweet, drinks tea like Dean Bob, and hangs out with her energetic dog friend Dutch.

To learn even more about Kristy and see some of her other books, check out her site at

Kristy's Top Art Inspirations

1. All kinds of books! Fiction books, art books, comic books. Even text books.

2. Trees! Trees are my favorite thing to draw. They smell good, too.

3. Outer space. What's out there?

4. Music! For me, music includes the sounds of nature: frogs, birds, crickets, rain.

5. Family. My brother makes music, and he always inspires me. Here is a video, with music, he made about his dog.

6. Theater. Illustrating a book is a bit like directing a play.

7. Travel. It's very inspiring to meet new people and to see, smell, and taste new things.

8. Other artists. There is so much art on the Internet, but nothing beats seeing art in person. I am lucky to have many friends who are artists.

9. Art supplies!

10. Sleep. My brain works better after a nice nap.

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